Privacy Policy

HU5K – Why we need personal information and how we will use it

As the provider of the HU5K, we collect data about each runner. This data is required for the purposes of race administration and is collected through the online booking system that is available on our website and completed for each runner.

The information we collect is: full name, email, telephone, address, gender and date of birth.

We process this information as a legitimate interest – we use it to:

·         Register the runner as a participant in the 5k

·         Communicate with the runner and to ensure that they have the information they require,

·         To allow us to organise the HU5K effectively and safely

·         To enable us to collect payment from each entrant

·         To enable us to report race timings.


We will communicate Race Information via email as we believe this is the most effective way to do this. We will use the email provider SendInBlue, and each email will include an option to “unsubscribe”.


HU5K - Retention of Personal Information

Information about runners will be held in a secure location. The file can only be accessed by Race Organisers.

The names and completion time for each runner will be published via our website ( or via a dedicated timing website.


Other uses of personal information

Hawkesbury Primary School PTA will not share personal information unless we have obtained consent or unless we are required to for legal purposes.


What to do if you have any questions

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

If you are dissatisfied, you have a right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office at